Green Strides Workshops

We will customize a workshop for your group to insure that you walk away empowered to use your new knowledge to achieve your goals.  Workshop topics include:

Your Roadmap to a Greener Organization and a Sustainable World

Wondering how to get started in going green?  This workshop will get you excited and engaged in thinking about what it means for your organization to play a part in the world-wide movement toward sustainability.  You will explore the concept of the “triple bottom line” - a clear and concise way to grasp how you can help the environment, society and economy through your actions as an organization and as an individual.   This workshop is for:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Business owners
  • Green Teams
  • Anyone who wants to understand what “going green” means for their organization

Get Going, Get Green!  10 Steps to a Greener Office

Everyone can do something to contribute to a healthier, safer and more just world.  Cut through all the chatter and all the hype and learn about the most effective things you can do to be environmentally responsible.  We’ll cover easy ways to reduce your energy use, items you should never buy and fair trade items you’ll want to purchase, and what it really means to “reduce, reuse and recycle.”  This fun and engaging workshop will empower you to make a difference as an individual and along with your co-workers.

  • Employees
  • Members
  • Customers
  • Anyone who wants to “go green” and feel good about it every day

Flip the Switch – Turning on the Power of Human Behavior to Green Your Organization

Greening your organization takes people power.  Whether you are just beginning to go green, or you have already invested time and money in reducing your environmental impacts, you need cooperation from your management, employees, members and customers. In fact, changing the way people behave is the fastest and least expensive way to green your organization.  In this workshop you will learn how you can use the insights of psychology and social marketing to engage people in green efforts including recycling, energy conservation and green purchasing.  This workshop is for:

  • Building managers
  • HR directors
  • Program directors
  • Green teams
  • Anyone who needs to motivate others to change their behavior

"Flick the Switch is one of the better webinars I've seen as it gets at the core of what needs to be changed - human minds. Once that changes all the recycled paper and energy reduction will follow." Client Comment

"I appreciated the psychological approach to changing employee behaviors.  As someone with a scientific background, it gives me a different focus to consider when communicating with our green office teams."  Client Comment

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