SSC Green Audit

The SSC Green Audit is specifically designed for organizations that have made a commitment to “going green” but who need help to take practical steps toward that goal. 

The SSC Green Audit is a streamlined and cost-effective way to develop a greening strategy that is appropriate for your organization. 

Each SSC Green Audit includes the following five components:

  • Employee survey
  • Office/building survey
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Onsite visit by auditor
  • Final green audit report

As a certified SSC Green Auditor, Green Strides will take you through the process of collecting and analyzing data, understanding employee awareness around green issues, and creating a green strategy based on your carbon footprint results.  Plus Green Strides will benchmark your results against your peers, so you understand how you compare to other organizations that are “going green”. 

From the data gathered, Green Strides will develop a Green Audit Report that makes it clear what “going green” means for your organization and offer recommendations tailored to your environmental impacts and your business model. 

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The auditor providing this service has been certified by Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) to use SSC’s Green Audit methodology.  Learn more at