Green Strides Action Plan

For additional hands-on assistance after the SSC Green Audit, we can create a180-day Sustainability Action Plan. This month-by-month plan is based on your available staff and budget resources and focuses on “low hanging fruit” – opportunities for cost savings through better environmental management.


Green Strides Project Management

Many organizations and businesses want to go green but don’t have the time or expertise to follow through.  Let us provide you with just the amount of help you need to succeed.  We can:

  • Work with you to implement your green strategy
  • Facilitate your green team to develop commitment and expertise among your employees
  • Research green products and services that you want to purchase
  • Identify industry standards and certifications that you can meet to market yourself as a green business
  • Develop a “campaign” to engage your employees, members or customers in your green effort


To discuss the needs of your organization, contact [email protected]


The auditor providing this service has been certified by Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) to use SSC’s Green Audit methodology.  Learn more at