Green Strides Consulting will guide your organization to develop and implement a customized green strategy that is good for you and good for the planet.

Green is not just a trend.  It is an opportunity to grow.  Businesses and non-profit organizations have good reasons to “go green”:

  • Take advantage of new business opportunities
  • Respond to your customers, donors and members who are expecting you to embrace environmental responsibility
  • Enhance your brand and public image
  • Align your actions with your mission and values
  • Insure a safe and healthy environment for your team
  • Save money today
  • Insulate your organization from instability in energy costs tomorrow
  • Improve employee morale and retention

Let us help you to take practical steps to create and implement a sustainability strategy that makes sense for your organization.

As a member of the SSC Consultant Network, Green Strides Consulting services are grounded in a straight-forward, four-step program:

  • SSC Green Audit: Analyze your current environmental impact and recommend what you can do to “go green”


The auditor providing this service has been certified by Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) to use SSC’s Green Audit methodology.  Learn more at